SYNTHS / OBERHEIM / Oberheim TVS-1 (300 dpi)

The Oberheim TVS-1 is a synthesizer with two SEM Modules, one Mini Sequencer, an output module, and a 3 octave keyboard.

This one has been customized with two rows of mini jack connectors that are connected to various inputs and outputs on the SEM module.

Above: Left side of TVS-1 showing the Mini Sequencer and Expander Module #1

Above: Right side of TVS-1 showing Expander Module #2 and output mixer

Above: The mini sequencer

Above: Keyboard controls for the Oberheim TVS-1

Above: Back side of TVS-1 showing the CV and Gate jacks on the left, power supply and jack on the right

Above: Close up of power supply

Above: All packed up and ready to go. The top case has hinges that match up and connect to the keyboard. Shown here on top

Above: Other side of case showing latches that help hold the two sides together firmly

Above: Angled look at theTVS-1

SYNTHS / Oberheim / Oberheim TVS-1 (300 dpi)

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