Sequential Circuits Pro One analog synthesizer with Midi


The Pro-One is a monophonic, two oscillator synthesizer with a 3 octave, 37-note (C-C), keyboard.

It produces amazing bass lines and can do some very interesting effect sounds with the modulation section.

The keyboard action it is not that great, but hook it up to midi and you get basic midi with velocity sensitivity as wheel as modulation and pitch wheel.

Example Bass sound using the Pro One set to the positions shown in the images

Single note with varying velocity that shows how low velocity lowers filter frequency, harder velocity opens filter up.

a short musical run then a single note with modulation

Pro One Bass Sound


Above the modulation section is on the left. This allows for extensive possibilities, one of the Pro One's key features

Two Oscillators A and B on the right. Use the frequency knobs to adjust tuning of the oscillators

Above the Mixer section is in the middle adjusts the level of the two oscillators that goes to the

filter(top right) and ADSR Amplifier (bottom right).


Above, real wood sides and sturdy metal case make this synth built to last

The Kenton midi converter for the pro one is no longer available


Information on the Pro One



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