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E-mu Systems SSM Voice Board



Above The SSM (Solid State Music) Voice board by E-mu Systems from 1978

On this SSM Voice board

- Two SSM 2030 VCO chips- Oscillator

- One SSM 2040 VCF chip- Filter

- One SSM 2020 Dual VCA chip - Amplifier

- Two SSM 2050 VCTG Envelope chips

- Built in power supply

- 100 pin interface

- 6 inch by 7 inch dimensions

This SSM chip set is the same one used in the original Sequential Prophet 5 released in 1978

More information on SSM and E-mu here

Mad Science Lab SSM 2040 Filter Module

Math behind the SSM 2040 (lots of math)

Above Two SSM 2030 Oscillator chips, and at top the SSM 2040 Filter chip and the SSM 2020 VCA

Above the filter section with temperature compensating resistor to the left and op amps for input and control

Above the two SSM 2050 VCTG chips. The Date on this board is 4/24/1978, Odd numbered connectors labeled on top

Above the bottom side of the board, showing even numbered pins of the connector labeled, to the left

Above close up of labeling for pin connections


E-mu Systems SSM Voice Board Schematics

Silicon Breakdown posted in 2008 all the information for the E-mu SSM Chip Demo Board

in dedication to Ed Rudnick. A great boss and a greater friend.

Ed Rudnick drew up these schematics in April 1978. They were designed by Dave Rossum.

More info on Ed here

Above is an ad that ran in the Synapse magazine in the late seventies

Below is the documentation that came with the SSM Chip Demo Board












Edward Crawford Rudnick,

age 59. Born September 26, 1948, Sacramento, California, died April 6, 2008, Ben Lomond, California. Loving husband of Lisa Rudnick, and devoted father of Kyle Rudnick and the late Timothy Rudnick of Ben Lomond, California. Cherished son of Martin E. Rudnick and the late Julia E. Rudnick of San Jose, California. Beloved brother of Natalie Boggs of Eugene, Oregon and Marty Rudnick of San Jose, California.
Ed grew up in San Jose, California. He received his elementary and middle school education at the school of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, where he was confirmed in the Lutheran Faith. Thereafter, he graduated with honors from Cupertino High School. In his early youth he displayed an extraordinary aptitude for science, technology, and music. By age 12 he was building radios, and as a high school sophomore, he performed in the Santa Clara County Honor Band. He was considered one of the top drummers in the area, an interest that led him to join the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, and during different periods with the Vanguard, he performed expertly on drums, contrabass, mellophone, served as an instructor and remained active as an alumnus and avid supporter.

After graduating from Cupertino High School in 1966, Ed attended Foothill College and San Jose State University, where he majored in Electronics and Music. At the time, he also worked as a manager at Moyer Music in Santa Clara, where his interest in synthesizers and electronic music led to a chance meeting with the founders of E-MU Systems, who recognized his technical abilities, and asked him to join the young company.
Over the succeeding years, he became a key contributor to E-MU's growth into America's premier producer of innovative electronic musical instruments. Ed was personally involved in the conceptualization and development of technologies and instruments that literally revolutionized the way that music is created by both professionals and amateurs around the world. The legacy of those accomplishments lives on today and will no doubt do so for years to come.
He remained an esteemed and respected member of the E-MU family for over 30 years, where he was fondly known as "Uncle Ed". In recent years, he continued his life-long tradition of contribution to the advancement of audio technology as a key member of Sonic Focus Inc., of Lake Tahoe, California.

Among his many other interests were photography and astronomy. He also loved hiking, and the great outdoors, pyrotechnics and an endless number of pursuits. Everything he did, he did with passion, excellence, and expert knowledge, yet he loved nothing more than spending time with his family, as a devoted husband and father. This past December, Ed and Lisa celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
His life was devastated in September 2005 when his beloved son Tim passed away, and then three months later Ed was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery when his kidney burst due to a cancerous tumor. But as was his nature, he battled both tragedy and illness with unflagging courage, strength and character.

In his life, Ed was blessed with a legion of dedicated friends and relatives, so many of whom have shown tremendous love and support, and for that, his family is endlessly grateful.
A funeral service and celebration of Eds life will be held 1 PM Thursday April 10th, 2008 at Messiah Lutheran Church, 801 High Street Santa Cruz, CA. Calling hours will begin at 11 AM. All family and friends are welcome. Interment will be at Oakwood Memorial Park, 3301 Paul Sweet Road, Santa Cruz. Donations may be made to Santa Clara Vanguard Scholarship Fund, 1795 Spacepark Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

E-mu Systems SSM Chip Demo. Board

Silicon Breakdown posted in 2008 all the information for the E-mu SSM board

in dedication to Ed Rudnick. A great boss and a greater friend

Ed Rudnick drew up the schematics in April 1978, that Dave Rossum had designed

More info on Ed here

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