ARP-2600 / Page 2 Inside the Arp 2600

Page 1 Front Panel and Layout

The ARP 2600 was designed by Alan R. Pearlman and was produced from 1971 - 1981.

These pictures were taken in April 2021 of an Arp 2600 with these serial numbers;

Main Synth Arp Model 2601 (S/N 2601- 0064),

and matching 3620 keyboard (S/N 3620 -0064)


Above The Arp 2600

Below the cabinet opened up to reveal a very clean synthesizer

Below is the Arp 2600 opened up to reveal its guts

----------------Reverb Tank Below -------------------------------------------------------------------Power Supply Here

- RingMod --- OSC 1 ------ OSC 2 ------- Osc3 --------- Filter -------------VCA------------Output


Below is a close up view of the 4014 ring modulator module and the first Oscillator (OSC1)

Below is a close up view of OSC 2 and OSC3 (4027 modules on left)

Wave shaper board under OSC2 to make sine and triangle

Below is a close up view of the 4012 (Moog style) Low Pass filter module encased in brass shielding

Below is a close up view of the output section

Below is a close up view of the lower circuit board

Below is a close up view of the rebuilt power supply

Rebuilt in 2021 with new Big Blue Caps (Glued and strapped down)

and newer small caps


Below showing the difference between a module not encased (un encapsulated) ,

Left side small square boards not encased,

and at bottom an encased (encapsulated) 4012 module, here with brass shielding added


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