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All pictures on these 5 pages are of the E-mu Modular for sale in June 2017.

The Modular and Keyboard are 100% functional.


Conditions of Sale / MUST READ / CALIFORNIA ONLY

For Sale $25K US , no trade or cash offers, Pay Pal best

Hand Delivered only within 400 miles of Santa Cruz CA, due to size, weight, and age.

Not going to risk this beauty

This E-mu Modular will be hand delivered, set up and demonstrated to be awesome by an ex E-mu dude

Delivery fees is : up to 100 miles from Santa Cruz CA, Fee=$200,

up to 200 miles = $300, up to 300 miles = $400 ,

and up to 400 miles(rest of CA) = $500

james AT (replace AT with @)



There are 5 pages of pictures and information about this perfectly preserved E-mu Modular.

This E-mu Modular is being put up for sale by Mad Science Lab and Silicon Breakdown on behalf of the original owner Mr. Cooper.

All pictures on these 5 pages are of the E-mu Modular for sale. The unit is 100% functional. It was serviced by Riley Smith who spent more then 20 years at E-mu and was one of the technicians who repaired E-mu Modular Systems. He also worked for Sequential Circuits before working for E-mu. Riley had the unit for 3 weeks and was able to fully test and, calibrate the E-mu Modular, and check every function. He said the oscillators were still almost perfectly in tune, but he tweaked them even closer using a frequency counter.. The pots are noise free and all the jacks and options work as intended. He also replaced all the rubber bushings on the keyboard and refurbished it to play like new.

All the oscillators have been calibrated and sound great (see the sounds page)

This Modular was hand delivered new to Mr. Cooper in 1980 by Scott Wedge, one of the founders of E-mu, who flew out with the unit to Massachusetts. It has been safely stored by Mr. Cooper at his house until it was returned back to Santa Cruz County to Mad Science Lab in April of 2017 for calibration and documentation. Mad Science Lab is the studio for Silicon Breakdown and is run by myself, James Gideon. I spent 10 years working at E-mu so I have a real soft spot for E-mu Modulars. I agreed to sell this synth for Mr. Cooper if I could document it fully, and have some time to make my own sounds.

This page has exterior shots showing the amazing condition of this E-mu Modular


This E-mu Modular comes with an 88-page manual written by Dave Rossum, and edited by Riley Smith,

(the same guy who tuned this modular)

20 patch cables of the appropriate length for this system

Extra front panel screws

An official E-mu poster from the 90's (hung in my cubicle at E-mu)


Front side of the E-mu Modular

This is the largest cabinet E-mu made, the Eµ 4100 SYSTEM MAIN CABINET

Walnut panels are in excellent shape. E-mu made 2 high and 4 high Modular cabinets that fit on keyboards.


88 Page Manual for the E-mu Modular Synthesizer


Left Side wood panel

Left Side Top

For a list and picture of each of the 22 modules go here E-mu Modular Modules

Right Side

Right Side Panel

For detailed pictures of this Keyboard go here E-mu Modular Keyboard

This E-mu Modular System can be thought of a three separate analog synthesizers.

On each row you will find a Keyboard driven VCO, one VCF or more, a VCA, and extra goodies. There are also four envelopes which means there is an extra envelope for modulation. Combine all three into the 4 input stereo mixer and stereo reverb module to make massive sounds.

What is convenient about the E-mu Modular is that you can select Keyboard 1 to drive the modules with a switch on the module itself, so pre wired patching for basic keyboard CV and Gate control. Even the 3 Low Pass Filters have switches for keyboard control.

Adding a MIDI to CV connected to Keyboard 2 you can switch between MIDI control or the keyboard control by just switching the switches on each oscillator and Envelope.

to hear sounds go here E-mu Modular Sounds

A few Module Close ups - (Left Side first)

Above is the Left side of the main System Cabinet ------Below is the middle of the Main System

Above is the Middle section of the main System Cabinet -- Below is the Right Side

Above is the Right side of the main System Cabinet

Below is a close up of Filter Central with modulators and a mixer(summing amp) for modulations

Universal Active Filter is the best filter ever. Mixers for 3 audio inputs, mixers for frequency control inputs, mixer for Q control input, and 4 simultaneous different filter outputs

Extra mixer underneath the UAF in the Potpourri module (bottom Left) which also has extra LFO's

The Back Side of the E-mu Modular

For information on above connectors see the bottom of the Modules page

Back Side view showing the Cabinet is in great condition

Top of the Modular

Ring Mods are fun and the Potpourri module on the right has extra goodies

Voltage Controlled Oscillator with a Oscillator Output mixer built in, or go direct, or go both,

there are lots of filters waiting for signals

E-mu Keyboard Page

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