Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

The mighty Prophet VS. A masterpiece of analog and digital with a waveform mix joystick to put it right over the top. It is the sound that makes you wish Sequential was still around.

Prophet VS 1- Front shot.

Prophet VS 5- Hey I didn't put these stickers on so don't blame me.

Prophet VS 2- The Prophet VS does some amazing pads.

Prophet VS 3 I like synths that I don't need a manual for. Where do yo want to go?

Prophet VS 4- The waveform mix joystick. The joystick allows you to modulate the mixture of the 4 oscillators. Can you say transmits midi controller messages. Along with filter and rez the VS sends and receives all edits as midi continuous controller s..(you can turn it on or off)

Prophet VS 6- Open up and say AAAHHH. Power supply on the left, Main CPU next (going right), Voice board, then the output on the right. Nice and clean

Prophet VS 7 - Close up on main CPU board. Numbers say some thing

Prophet VS 8

Prophet VS 9 - Here is where that fat sound comes from. Curtis

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