Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 with MIDI

Straight out of San Jose, The Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 was one of the very first microprocessor controlled analog synthesizers.

Left side of the Prophet 5
The middle section of the Prophet 5
Right side of the Prophet 5
Left side of the Prophet 5, poly mod section and LFO settings
The middle section of the Prophet 5. Oscillator A on top and Oscillator B below

Right side of the Prophet 5 showing the many filter options

The almighty TUNE button is on the lower right.

Let the unit warm up for 5-10 minutes then press the TUNE button. Tune takes about 15 seconds

Cassette interface and other jacks
Middle section on back of the of the Prophet 5 . Audio out is synth out and goes to your mixer
Right side of the Prophet 5 showing MIDI in and Out ( MIDI upgrade replaces Digital Analog jacks with two MIDI jacks)

Original Technical and Operation Manuals in original Sequential binders

Technical manual includes 3.2 to 3.3 upgrade manual and MIDI upgrade manual

Below: the Prophet 5 spare chips from Wine Country. I added a CEM 3310 chip

Always ship a Prophet 5 in a road case. Then put the road case in a box for extra protection

watch out for cats

Tips for the Prophet 5

When you first turn on the Prophet 5 it goes into Auto Tune. This take about 15 seconds and keyboard will not play until this is finished.

Let the unit warm up for 5-10 minutes then press the TUNE button. This runs the Auto Tune on warm operating temperature chips. Tune takes about 15 seconds

The Record switch on the back left enables writing of Programs. If it is set to Disable you cannot write presets

There are 120 programs in a Rev 3.3. You get the normal 40 ( 5 Banks of 8 programs) Additionally two more groups of 40 can be selected by pressing and holding the Bank Select then pushing the Program buttons - 1 (1st group), 2 (2nd group), or 3 (3rd group)

A decimal point in the number of the program will indicate bank. no decimal 1st group, decimal between two numbers 2nd group, decimal after two numbers 3rd group

Only 3.3 versions like this Prophet 5 have 120 programs. All other versions have 40 programs

Below are some photos showing the 3 sets of banks for one program.

Above: In the first set of 40 programs there is no dot next to the numbers (21 in 1st group)
Above: In the second set of 40 programs there is a dot between the numbers (21 in 2nd group)

Above: In the third set of 40 programs there is a dot to the right of the numbers (21 in 3rd group)

Sounds of the Prophet 5 (this Prophet 5 recorded direct into computer Oct. 2013)


Sound 1- Program 27 (1st Bank) A unison patch big and swirly Prophet5_27.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_27.wav


Sound 2- Program 27 (1st Bank) Out of Unison, 5 note chord Prophet5_27_2.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_27_2.wav


Sound 3 - Snarly- Program 32(1st Bank), Put in Unison and raise frequency Prophet5Snarly.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5Snarly.wav


Sound 4 - Scary- Program 57(2nd Bank), Bank50 2nd bank has sound effects Prophet5_57b2.mp3

above in wav format Prophet5_57b2.wav



Pictures below taken in 2002






Main Analog Board close up



Left side of main analog board












Right Side. 5 voices from top to bottom


CEM 3340's


2 per voice

Curtis chips


CEM 3310




(not shown

CEM 3320











close up of main processor board

Originally a Rev 3.2

Upgraded to 3.3


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