Synthetic Remastered and Re Released 2016

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Songs on the Synthetic release in mp3 format

Track 1 - Synthetic.mp3 -->21 MB

Track 2 - Mutation 01.mp3 file ----> 16 MB

Track 3 - Mutation 02.mp3 file ---> 16MB

Track 4 - squishy.mp3 file ---> 5.7 MB

Track 5 - Peace Out.mp3 file ---> 2.3 MB


This cd was recorded between 1/1/2000 and 9/10/2000

at Mad Science studio in Santa Cruz California.

The songs were created in 5.1 surround sound

and I am still hoping to release them in that form ....some day.

These stereo mixes were created by remixing the songs



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