Silicon Breakdown is an electronic music group from Santa Cruz California.

Silicon Breakdown relies heavily on the use of older analog synthesizers and analog drum machines, as well as modern synthesizers to create a very synth heavy sound.

The latest release in 2018 is called

Open Your Head

Silicon Breakdown has released 6 titles beginning with the 1999 release

Y2K Buggin

The line up of the group has changed over the years and many artists and talented repair people have kept Silicon Breakdown churning along for over 20 years.

The group works on creating inventive electronic music that also focusses on the many social issues and challenges we face on this small blue planet.

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Mad Science Lab is a solo project by James Gideon

Electronica free of drums and vocals

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Silicon Breakdown has been a source of Music as well as free information and pictures of analog synthesizers since 1999

The Music side of this site contains the sounds of Silicon Breakdown MUSIC HERE

The Synth side showcases beautiful instruments from the past. ANALOG SYNTHESIZER INFO HERE

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