SYNTHS / OBERHEIM / Marion Systems MSR-2

16 Voice Modular Synthesizer by Tom Oberheim

Here are some large 300 DPI pictures..

MSR-2 1

Above is a MSR-2 Synthesizer

MSR-2 2


A single rack synthesizer

MSR-2 4

Above, the side of the MSR-2

MSR-2 6

Above, the back side

Below close up views of front panel

MSR-2 8
MSR-2 9

MSR-2 7


Below is a view inside the Marion Systems MSR-2

MSR-2 13

Below is a close up view of circuit board

MSR-2 12

Below is a larger view of the Analog Synth Module

MSR-2 17

Below is a close up of the MSR-2 1.13 OS chips

MSR-2 18

Below is a close up view of custom chips on Analog Synth Module board

MSR-2 18

MSR-2 20

The Bottom of the rack unit is where the MSR-2 battery is located

MSR-2 11

Close up showing bottom of the rack unit and the MSR-2 battery

If you replace the battery you will lose the internal presets BACK UP FIRST


Press system button + unit number button (1 or 2) and hold them and then power the MSR-2 on.

Just hold SYSTEM and one of the unit (card) number buttons and flip that POWER switch ON and watch it reset.

It will kill all your original saved patches but restores the factory stuff and makes it usable again.

MSR-2 10

The latest MSR-2 software 1.09 and 1.13

MSR-2 16

Resources :Marion Systems Information and Manuals

SYNTHS / OBERHEIM / Marion Systems MSR-2

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