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Oberheim Synthesizer Pictures

4 Voice SEM page 1

A custom Oberheim 4 voice

4 Voice SEM page 2

more Oberheim 4 voice pictures

4 Voice SEM page 3

Oberheim 4 voice programmer pictures

OB-X Photos

Oberheim OB-X inside and out

OB-Xa Photos

Oberheim OB-Xa inside and out

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Tom Oberheim is know for creating some of the best analog synthesizers. Oberheim synthesizers are known for the warmth and thickness of their oscillators as well as their creamy smooth filters.

The classic Oberheim is the SEM. A beautiful synth. The OBX and the OBXa carried on the tradition of the Oberheim sound. And then of course the Xpander and Matrix 12.

Another design that Tom Oberheim developed was the Marion Systems MSR-2. An amazing piece of analog gear in a single rack space.

Oberheim resources and schematics

Oberheim SEM schematics http://www.sonicstate.com/synthfool/

Chips used Oberheim OBX and up-- http://www.synthtech.com/cem/cemdata.html

Oberheim repairs and manuals -- http://winecountrysequential.com/page7a.html

SEM connector info -- http://www.angelfire.com/music2/theanalogcottage/



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