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In 2017 an E-mu Modular System has been captured and documented in full detail

It will be sold in June 2017, but the 5 pages of images and documentation will remain

2017 E-mu Modular Main Page

2017 E-mu Modular Keyboard Page

2017 E-mu Modular Modules

2017 E-mu Modular Sounds

2017 E-mu Modular Inside


This page is devoted to the E-mu Modular and has information from the technical catalog for the E-mu modular.

Note: E-mu Modulars are very rare and I do not know of any for sale or for loan.



The Eµ Modular Synthesizer System is based around Eµ submodules, compact solid state building blocks providing highly accurate synthesizer functions. The plug-in submodules are designed for maximum flexibility. The full system is totally modular.

We have endeavored to use the finest panel controls available, compatible with the professional audio market. Pots are conductive plastic, knobs are solid aluminum, switches and jacks are highly reliable. The system's internal construction is clean and neat. All modules are supplied with complete documentation package including schematics and assembly diagrams.

Voltage Control Oscillators

Voltage Control Amplifiers

Voltage Control Filters

Modular Cabinets

Other Modules


Riley Smith- Source of large amounts of scans. Ed Rudnick for being Ed. Gary, Jeff, Gunnar, and Mike at the bird for the technical assistance. of course CEO of Parts Mr. Mike, the man Dave Rossum, and all E-mu people

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