E-mu Systems Modular Synthesizer Sounds

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This E-mu Modular System was used on the following songs

from the Open Your Head Release by Silicon Breakdown

Awake And Dreaming.mp3 (14.7MB)

Open Your Head.mp3 (14.1MB)




The demonstration sounds of this E-mu Modular System were recorded in 2017 direct from E-mu Modular into an analog to digital convertor.

example wav files, Click on to play or right click Open in new tab, or save as




The first example uses 2 of the Sawtooth Pulse Oscillator Modules as audio sources and uses 4 lowpass filters, 3 transient generators, and 3 VCA's. The large VCO is used for modulation source only. This creates a continuously evolving dark and swirly sound. Of course the Mixer module is used to mix the signals and create a stereo signal.

Dark & Swirly.wav

Adjusting the patch above to have a slow attack time and slow decay time. Also using three transient generators(envelopes) and VCA's so voices have different release times


Now creating a lead synth sound that is less swirly and tighter. Adding a touch of reverb, (Dual Reverb Module) so playing with stops so can hear the reverb trails. Added slight portamento effect with keyboard controls.

Reverb Lead.wav



This example uses three oscillators tuned tight for a tight bass

E-muLiquid Bass.wav


This example is a lead patch that uses Pulse width modification and filter frequency modulation to make a nice aggressive lead.

2 example wav files, Click to play or right click Open in new tab

E-mu Lead01.wav First Lead example covers 3 octaves so can clearly hear tracking very precisely across octaves.

E-mu Lead02.wav Second Lead example has a short lead and some pulsing beats

Below is an explanation of the Lead patch that uses only one Oscillator module as an audio source


Above only one oscillator module is used for audio, the Sawtooth/Pulse VCO in the middle of the image above.

Audio Path is Pulse VCO to VCLF to VCA, and Sawtooth VCO to VCLF to VCA then they go to the mixer for output

The Pulse output goes to the top Low Pass Filter, and the Sawtooth output goes to the middle Low Pass Filter

The VCO has the Pulse Width Input jack connected to the triangle wave in the LFO section of the Potpourri module next to it with the red cable

This slowly modulates the Pulse Width of the VCO to create a more interesting timbre, more buzzy

The voltage Controlled Oscillator above is used to modulate, or vary slowly, the frequency of the 2 low pass filters.

The blue cable at the Sine output goes to the top Low Pass Filter, and the orange cable at the Mix output goes to the middle Low Pass Filter

Note the Range is set to low, so it is a low enough frequency to modulate slowly

Above 2 envelopes are used to give different attacks and decays to create variation

The top envelope controls the middle VCA and lower controls the top VCA, the outputs of the VCA's are mixed at the mixer module

VIDEO of E-mu Modular hooked up to analog sequencer

Video of this E-mu Modular hooked up to analog Sequencer Doepfer MAQ 16/3

Emu Modular 2017.mp4 (88MB)

Two voices are programmed on the E-mu Modular, a bass line and a melody line. The analog sequencer has 3 CV and 3 Gate outputs that I used to control the Modular.

The mixer is on the middle right where I am combining the sounds. In the middle of the synth I am adjusting the 2 Low Pass Filters to create more evolving melody lines.

Super MIDI Synth

Above: To test the CV and Gate inputs I used a MIDI to CV and Gate convertor.

Above is the patch used for the next 2 sound examples.  An Encore Electronics 8 channel MIDI to CV convertor is a perfect match. The best part is there are 3 LFO's that you can assign to any CV out.   I programmed CV 1 and Gate 1 for note control. CV3 out is a Sine wave, CV4 out is a Triangle wave, and CV5 out is a Sample and Hold effect (random)  Now just plug the Sine output into the Universal Active Filter frequency modulation inputs and the   triangle wave into the Large Oscillator Pulse Width input for a Super Bass Sound 

E-mu Super Bass.wav   

Connecting the CV5 (random LFO for Sample and Hold effect) from the Encore unit to the filter frequency to get that burbling Oberheim Sound 

E-mu Random.wav

An Encore Electronics Expressionist 8 channel MIDI to CV and gate convertor custom programmed for this synth including 3 extra LFO's 

A rack tuner that fits nicely with the MIDI to CV convertor


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